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Black Laminate

Black is a popular modern flooring shade that can add sophistication, class and elegance to a home. It has many practical and aesthetic benefits, particularly in the laminate style. As the black on a laminate will be less likely to fade than on a natural wood floor, you are in the right place if you plan on black flooring being a long term fixture in your home.

Black allows you to avoid traditional and instead invest in something that can create a unique atmosphere. The colour is neutral, making it attractive to most, and easy suited to any colour décor. This affords you versatility in creating the look you want, and greater personalisation in the process. Combined with gold, a luxurious and rich look is created, whereas with white a monochrome theme is made. Other colours like bold orange or red help warm up a room and offset the darkness perfectly – these are just a few examples of the possibilities black can create.

Practically, black darkens rooms with overwhelming amounts of light, and helps large rooms seem smaller. The opposite can be achieved if the rest of the room is white however, as the greater sense of dimension creates a special illusion. Dirt and stains are very easily hidden with black, which is useful in bathrooms and kitchens were spillages occur. That being said, laminate is very easy to clean, unlike the real wood alternative, which would also warp and shrink under the conditions laminate can withstand, such as bathroom moisture and humidity. Please order some free samples to see where black can fit in your home

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