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Brown Laminate Flooring & Cheap Brown Laminate Flooring

Brown laminate flooring comes in light, medium and dark shades, and can be either stone or wood effect. This allows a natural effect to be created without the difficult maintenance or impracticalities that come with the authentic materials, such as warping and shrinking with moisture or temperature fluctuations that come with wood, or staining and painful roughness that can come with stone.

As brown is natural, it creates an earthy, warm and cosy atmosphere in a home, making it more homely and friendly seeming to anybody in it. Aesthetically, brown is also a neutral tone. This allows it to be mixed with any other colour décor and still look good – it all depends on the theme you are trying to create and personal preference. For example, green hues and the use of plants creates a much more natural and rustic feel, whereas black, bold colours and artwork can make a home look more modern. This versatility affords you greater personalisation and creativity in your home, and is sure to impress any guest.

Choose lighter browns to make a room appear larger, and darker ones to make it appear smaller. Darker tones can also hide dirt better, so consider using these varieties in homes with high footfall, children or pets. As with all laminate flooring, you can place these floors in a wet room such as a bathroom knowing that the flooring will not become damaged. Pleas order free samples to see which best suits your home.

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