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Grey Laminate Floors

Grey is a fashionable and modern shade that can add a unique twist to your home. As grey is more permanent on laminate flooring than on a natural wood floor that has been stained or painted, you will get the have enjoy the versatile and classy colour in your home for a very long time.

Grey is available in darker or lighter shades depending on the effect you wish to go for. Darker greys will create a sophisticated look that can darken a room without making it overwhelmingly dark like black. Lighter greys can often be calming, and lighten a room without having to use white which can make a room seem colder. This will also help a room appear larger and more spacious, and both light and dark grey improve modernity significantly.

Our grey floors can include blue and yellow or even purple hues, making each floor different and better suited to different decors in terms of using accent colours. Overall, grey is a neutral colour which means it perfectly suits any decor regardless, and redecoration costs won’t be as large now or in the future. As too much grey can look plain in rooms that don’t intend to be chrome or metallic themed, it is important to use brighter colours to accompany it – this can include green, orange or purple for example, and bold varieties or pastel shades can make a large difference to the mood in the room. Please order free samples and see how they suit different colours in your home to find which is best for you.

Grey floors hide dirt easily thanks to their shade, meaning heavy footfall homes or those with children or pets will find such flooring useful. Laminate is also superior to real wood in that it is suitable in bathrooms and rooms with temperature fluctuations, enhancing even moreso the versatility of grey laminate flooring.

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