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Whitewashed Laminate Floors

Whitewashed floors can help make a room look larger, less intimidating and more welcoming, particularly in smaller spaces or rooms with lots of natural light. It is ideal on a laminate floor as the colour is a lot easier to print and is more permanent than a natural product which has been painted or stained. However, the whitewash looks identical in the rustic and natural sense by showing a hint of wood colour through the white.

Atmospherically, a whitewashed floor can compliment your home by modernising it and acting as a blank canvas on which stronger colours can be placed in furniture, rugs and other décor to create a complimentary and personalised look. The shade can be used with any colour and still look good thanks to its neutral properties, as well as allowing the colours it is used alongside to really pop and stand out. As whitewashed flooring is therefore timeless and versatile, it can add value to any space, from modern city apartments to rustic farmhouse kitchens. The wood colour that shows through this adds to the rustic look, and makes a floor look authentically worn, as well as more like the real thing than a pure white laminate, which may appear ingenuine and too modern for some.

Whitewashed effects can be added to light oaks and beech colours or darker walnuts, meaning there is lots to choose from in this collection. Another advantage over pure white flooring is that the wood colour shining through can hide dirt, which is uncommon on floors that incorporate such light tones. This makes them suitable in homes with heavy footfall, children or pets, which is a rare feat for light flooring.

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