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Laminate Flooring for the Bathroom

Laminate is the perfect way to get a wood or tile look in your bathroom but with much greater practicality. For example, tiles can be slippery and therefore unsafe is wet bathrooms. Wood also warps and shrinks with moisture, humidity or temperature changes - conditions common in bathrooms - rendering it a waste of money. Laminate however, does not suffer under such conditions.

Laminate flooring is water resistant, meaning water on the surface will not cause damage to the flooring. However, we still recommend using bath mats, opening windows while you shower, and cleaning up water on the floor as soon as you finish in the bathroom so it doesn't seep between cracks between planks and damage the less water-resistant layers underneath. We also recommend acclimatising the floor for 48 hours minimum and using a professional fitter to fit it tightly and with adhesive to reduce the presence of cracks.

If fitted correctly, the plywood underneath the photographic layer should last for years, depending on the guarantee of that particular product - ours can be found on each product page in the specifications box.

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