Beech Effect Laminate Flooring

Beech is a very popular laminate option due to the softness of real Beech. This makes it impractical as a wood floor, as it isn't as durable or resistant against scratches or dents. For this reason, laminate is a better alternative that can provide that cosy, light and positive tone to your home.

Laminate flooring is the best way to replicate the beautiful bright beech look. It allows for a texture to be implemented, and the finish to be added to perfect similarity due to image technology used. Unlike vinyl, the feel is also more realistic underfoot, as vinyl is cushioned. Vinyl can also appear shiny and obviously ingenuine, making laminate the closest option.

Laminate allows that realistic beech look and feel to be added to your home, but without the large price tag of solid or engineered wood. This makes it excellent for those on a budget who aren't concerned about adding value to their home or staying there long term. Our longest guarantee on laminates is 30 years, so this flooring is ideal for those who are planning to move out soon, or are just renting before settling down elsewhere.

Practically, laminate is better in terms of being able to handle moisture, humidity and changes in temperature. This makes it more suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, and conservatories, and is overall a more versatile flooring option as a result. You can add the beech effect to places where normally you would struggle to find this, giving you freedom to create the atmosphere you want in any room in your home.

Laminate allows you to capture the grain and colour variation of beech without the impracticality and environmental impact. They also don't scratch as easily or acquire dents like real wood does, meaning that warm and cosy appearance you have paid for will last a long time without needing sanding or refinishing.

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