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High Gloss Laminate

High gloss flooring refers to the shiny and reflective wood veneer on the laminate floor planks. Laminate planks ensure a durable floor that is suitable with underfloor heating, and in moist or humid environments, whereas the high gloss finish creates a reflective modern and luxurious appearance, particularly in rooms with lots of natural light.

Generally, a high gloss floor will look elegant, futuristic and luxurious, but different colours can create other effects. For example, dark smoked wood effects or black flooring can look much more sophisticated than light browns, which instead are preferable for making a room seem more positive, friendly and spacious. Rooms with large windows enhance the look of these floors, as well as coloured furniture that will be mirrored in the floor. This mirroring effect can also make a room seem larger, which is beneficial in small rooms, or even in large rooms for the stately home look.

Darker floors are more popular in the high gloss finish, as a dark hued colour can be utilised without causing a room to become overpowered with darkness or appear smaller. This makes high gloss perfect for people that enjoy the shade of darker flooring but do not want the stylistic disadvantages. Although gloss is not explicitly a slip risk, it is more slippery than floors without this finish. For this reason, we do not recommend it in homes with children or pets, as this may be difficult to walk on or cause accidents.

Laminate with a high gloss effect can be superior to our wood high gloss varieties. This is because laminate protects against scratches and stains, and can be used in rooms with moisture, humidity or temperature fluctuations, like bathrooms or conservatories. These rooms can benefit greatly from high gloss floors due to large amounts of natural light in conservatories, and many bathrooms being quite small, so we recommend this finish on a laminate for stylistic benefits. Any room that would normally use tiles can instead use tile effect high gloss laminate, as the gloss finish is highly similar.

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