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Kitchen Suitable Laminate Floors

Kitchens work better with laminate in messy homes, such as those with children or pets, thanks to the ability of laminate to withstand heat, moisture and humidity better than wood for example. It is also less slippery than tiles, ensuring maximum safety. Grooves and ridges in flooring can make crumbs and sauce or oil spills harder to get rid of, so if you have less time for vacuuming or mopping, we recommend avoiding textured floors or those with bevelled edges.

Laminate allows you to get the look you want without risk. They all contain a realistic photographic wear layer that makes it difficult to distinguish from the real thing to the naked eye, and if you clean spillages as soon as they occur, you will benefit greatly from their practicality too, taking full advantage of the average 25 year lifespan of our laminate floors. If you fit the flooring well, tightly and with adhesive, spillages will not seep between cracks between planks, helping your floor exceed this guarantee. Order free samples to see how a country kitchen look can be achieved for a fraction of the price of solid or engineered wood!

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