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Matt Finish Laminate

Matt flooring is the opposite of high gloss - it prevents any shine from being created, which on wood or stone floors creates a much more realistic and natural effect, particularly in conjunction with a textured finish. They can add modernity to a room if used with a tile effect floor, or aid a rustic effect if stone or wood effect laminate is used.

Matt flooring allows for greater traction underfoot, making it a safe option in your home if you have children or plan to install it in a high traffic area. Laminate flooring in particular has other practical benefits – it protects against scratches and stains, and can be used in rooms with moisture, humidity or temperature fluctuations, like bathrooms or conservatories. It is advised to use a matt finish especially in bathrooms for maximum safety, and if you wish to go for either a modern or natural aesthetic (depending on which material effect is used).

Matt flooring will not reflect light. This means it will avoid being the centre of attention, allowing other décor and furniture in your room to instead draw attention. This helps if you have antiques or artwork you are proud of and instead wish to make the focal point of the room.

If you don't have much time to clean, matt laminate flooring is useful in not needing to be cleaned as often. It will retain its finish without constant upkeep, unlike a high gloss variety which can gather dirt that dims the shine. This makes it ideal in homes with high footfall, children or pets, as well as being less slippery to these users.

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