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Stone / Tile Effect Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the best way to replicate the stone or tile look. It allows for a texture to be implemented as relevant, and the appearance to be matched perfectly due to image technology used. Unlike vinyl, the feel is also more realistic underfoot, as vinyl is much more cushioned.

Laminate allows that realistic stone or tile look to be added to your home, but without the large price tag. This makes it excellent for those on a budget who aren't concerned about adding value to their home or staying there long term. Our longest guarantee on laminates is 30 years, so this flooring is ideal for those who are planning to move out soon, or are just renting before settling down elsewhere.

Practically, laminate is better in terms of being softer underfoot, warmer through its compatibility with underfloor heating, and safer. Tiles can be slippery and unsafe, especially in homes with children, so laminate provides that peace of mind needed in such homes. Stone can also be rough in homes with children, pets or where barefoot is common, meaning an untextured stone effect laminate is more practical. It is also extremely easy to clean laminate compared to stone, which may stain, and can provide a shinier look that helps spread light around a room and make it appear larger and less rustic. It is however less shiny than most tile varieties, so provides a perfect balance.

It is possible to find a bigger variety of laminate flooring than authentic stone, as this may be harmful to the environment or costly to obtain, thus harder to find than a replica. It does however capture the image accurately, so the stone look can still be satisfyingly achieved. Tiles on the other hand are known to crack – laminate is much more hardwearing in this sense, as scratches are much harder to cause on laminate flooring, let alone cracking.

Finally, if you are still trying to decide between a laminate or authentic stone/tile, consider the installation. Laminate is very easy thanks to the click installation in which no adhesive or glue is required and easy removal is possible for moving house or replacing worn out planks.

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