9mm Thick Laminate Flooring

9mm is a medium laminate flooring option, and the most popular of all thicknesses. It differs from 9.5mm floors due to the product differentiation that brands use to set themselves apart rather than functionality, so if you are struggling between these thicknesses, be assured that they are suitable in the same homes. Thanks to the popularity, there are a greater range of designs, patterns, shades and textures available than with other thicknesses. Use these floors in medium footfall homes.

Although similar in thickness, 9mm floors can be considered better than 9.5mm floors as there are more looks and specification options available.

A 9mm laminate will allow homes with lighter footfall be more protected against impact, which is useful for clumsy homeowners! Generally though, medium footfall homes will install theses floors and get the full 15 year guarantee out of them. A medium laminate will not dint as easily as thinner varieties and better handles daily use, but thicker options are still available for even busier homes.

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