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Brushed & Lacquered Oak Flooring

If you want a smooth floor with a layer of protection, try brushed and lacquered. It is considered natural than oiled as it creates a film and shine. It also gets rid of any new growth via the brushing process, making knots and grain for example much more visible and increasing character further. This helps reduce the unnatural effect caused by the lacquer to an exntent, providing a nice balance.

Lacquered flooring gives a floor a shiny finish that helps reflect light and make a room appear much larger. Although it isn't as natural in appearance, the finish does retain enough natural quality to add a welcoming warmth to a home, especially with the brushed effect. These floors work best in rooms with lots of natural light due to the reflective quality.

A protective film is provided with a lacquer, meaning moisture is much less likely to seep through the floor and damage it. It can also be reapplied or replaced with an oil finish after sanding if desired, meaning a lacquered wood floors is versatile and can adapt based on the tastes of the home's occupants.

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