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Oiled Oak Flooring

Oiled oak is highly popular amongst customers due to the increasingly popularity of the natural look. The oil seeps into the wood to protect the surface and deep within the wood too. This prevents moisture causing damage, as well as creating a more traditional appearance than lacquer.

Invisible oil achieves the natural look moreso, by creating an unfinished appearance. Please order free samples to see what this will look like up close. An alternative form of protection is lacquer, but this forms a film over the top of the wood rather than sinking in, creating a less natural look.

Over time, the oil may wear away, but this is easily fixed with a re-oiling, and no sanding is required to do this. That being said, if you do sand your floor, be sure to re-oil it afterwards. It is possible to only sand and re-oil the affecting area if only a small part is damaged, meaning the floor will last longer than if a lacquer was instead used.

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