Parador Engineered Wood Flooring

As one of the world leaders of engineered, laminate, and synthetic flooring, Parador not surprisingly know a thing or two about making high quality flooring that people love. Their engineered ranges in particular see the most success, partly due to their minimum 25 year guarantee and the wide range of dimensions, looks and finishes - 137 to be exact. Manufactured in Germany, you can also be sure they incorporate classic German engineering that is know all over the world for producing quality goods. We ship each product directly from Germany too, and stock every single engineered Parador product currently available - and what makes it even better? Each floor is included in our price match promise!

Parador’s products are based on inspiration, intelligent technology, attention to detail, ambition and creatvity. This has earned them the titles of ‘trendsetters’ and ‘creative leaders’, and has enabled them to create new possibilities such as recyclable, eco-friendly flooring with beautiful designs. Each floor listed here will help express your personality, and Parador have worked hard to ensure this by offering all kinds of options for all kinds of tastes. Some floors are also the same in appearance, but differ in dimensions of finish for example, so you can get the look you like no matter your circumstances or practical needs.

A bit out of your budget at the moment? Try one of their laminate or LVT options instead. To focus on a single Parador engineered range, use the links below:

- Parador Basic 11-5 - Parador Classic 3060 - Parador Trendtime 3 - Parador Trendtime 4 - Parador Trendtime 6 - Parador Trendtime 8 - Parador Eco Balance -
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