Parador LVT and Resilient Floor Coverings

World leaders in their field, Parador, are widely known for their engineered and laminate flooring. Lesser known but just as high quality however, are their LVT and resilient floor covering ranges. In using realistic depictions of wood and tiles, you can achieve that gorgeous authentic aesthetic with all the practicality of solid LVT, HDF backed LVT and special core board. This includes water resistance, durability and the ability for use in bathrooms, depending on the range. It also means you will pay a lower price for the same high quality German engineering that Parador pride themselves on. Check out the many different finishes, shades and dimensions by browsing the full collection, or read more about the construction of each range below.

Most ranges in this collection include vinyl and are listed as LVT - with Modular ONE and Eco Balance PUR being the only exceptions. Within the LVT ranges, there are solid glue down, solid click, and HDF click ranges. Basic 2.0 is the only glue down installation range, and is made of solid vinyl. The other Basic, Classic and Trendtime ranges all use click as an installation method to help you fit your floor with accuracy and ease, but a little more cost. Of these, the solid vinyl options are Basic 2.0, Basic 4.3, Classic 2050 and Trendtime 5.50. The HDF backed click ranges are Basic 20, Basic 30, Classic 2030, and Trendtime 5.30. Modular ONE is rather constructed from special core board, and Eco Blaance PUR is made from reinforced polyurethane with a HDF backing.

Practically, solid vinyl ranges have water resistance, have antibacterial properties, and are useable with underfloor heating. The HDF backed vinyl ranges have increased swell protection, are antibacterial, have impact noise reduction, and are suitable with underfloor heating. Modular ONE also has swell protection, can withstand standing water for up to 4 hours, has impact noise reduction, and is useable with underfloor heating. Finally, Eco Balance PUR has the same properties as Modular ONE, but is not suitable for wet rooms.

In simpler terms, this means you should use solid vinyl ranges and Modular ONE for rooms including bathrooms, and HDF backed ranges including Eco Balance PUR in other places like you would with laminate flooring. This includes kitchens where spillages occur, or bedrooms, hallways and lounges for example. They can also be used in conservatories or rooms with fluctuation in temperature and humidity.

See each range using the links below:

Solid Vinyl:

- Parador Basic 4.3 - Parador Classic 2050 - Parador Trendtime 5.50 - Parador Basic 2.0 -

HDF Backed Vinyl:

- Parador Basic 20 - Parador Basic 30 - Parador Classic 2030 - Parador Trendtime 5.30 -


- Parador Modular ONE - Parador Eco Balance PUR -

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