Parador Basic 20 Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Parador Basic 20 is a vinyl collection that uses a HDF core board and a patented Safe-Lock PRO click installation method. This makes the joints stronger than on other click methods, meaning you are guaranteed stability and durability with this floors. Installation with this method is also even quicker and easier for those with limited time or patience. The HDF core board makes this range similar to laminate in the environments it should be used in. This means it is unsuitable for rooms such as bathrooms which could cause water damage, unless planks are laid extra tightly and water is cleaned as soon as it is spilled. As this cannot be guaranteed by us or anybody else however, this is at your own discretion. Kitchens and other environments can accomodate this floor just fine, as well as underfloor heating use.

You will find these floors to be just as soft underfoot as solid vinyl, due to the 9.1mm overall thickness and 0.2mm wear layer. The vinyl layer including the wear layer totals 1.5mm of thickness. This also means there is a 5 year guarantee from each floor in this range. Each floor in this range is wide plank, with dimensions of 1207x216mm, and swell protection, antibacterial, impact noise reduction properties.

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