Parador Modular ONE Resilient Flooring

Parador Modular ONE uses multiple layers of natural and sustainable materials including a ‘special core board’, making it highly versatile, durable and great for healthy living. This is because it eliminates the need for softener and other toxic chemicals used on vinyl floors, that are said to have long term effects on inhabitants of a home. These floors also use the patented Safe-Lock PRO click installation method. This makes the joints stronger than on other click methods, meaning you are guaranteed stability and durability with this floors. Installation with this method is also even quicker and easier for those with limited time or patience. Parador recommend cleaning up standing water within 4 hours on these floors, as the core board may become damaged at times longer than this. Abiding this, these floors are perfectly suitable for wet environments such as bathrooms.

Aside from their ability to be used in wet spaces, Modular ONE floors have other similarities to Parador vinyl ranges, such as softness underfoot, impact noise reduction, and suitability with underfloor heating. You will find wide plank and chateau plank options in this collection, with respective dimensions of 1285x191mm and 2200x235mm. They also have an 8mm thickness, and a resultant lifetime domestic guarantee, and 10 year commercial guarantee.

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