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Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is comprised on individual wood blocks that form a pattern. They can be either solid or engineered, and come in a variety of different patterns that create different looks and atmospheres, including herringbone, chevron, versailles, basket and brick weave. With a variety of finished and shades, there is sure to be a style to suit everyone's needs.

Why Choose Parquet Flooring?

Parquet was popular as far back as the 17th century amongst the rich and elite members of French society. Although thanks to modern production methods this is no longer the case, the association remains in people's minds due to its presence in old and prestigious buildings, meaning you can today own an affordable yet luxurious floor in your home. In those days, parquet was used to replace marble floors that required cleaning and caused rotting underneath the floor. Although this is no longer the case, parquet still has practical benefits. It is easy to clean and install using our handy guides under the 'installation' tab of each product page, and easy to replace individual blocks should damage occur. This also helps save money as an entire parquet floor is unlikely to ever need replacing all at once.

Parquet Styles

There are different practical benefits associated with solid and engineered parquet too, despite looking identical on the surface. Although solid wood adds more value to a home, can be sanded down more often and therefore has a longer lifespan, engineered wood can last a lifetime, and better resists warping and shrinking. This occurs in environments where moisture and humidity are present, or where the temperature changes often. This means engineered flooring can be used with underfloor heating, and solid cannot.

Different species of parquet available include the most popular oak with its versatile style, dark luxurious walnut, or durable and rich merbau. There are light, medium and dark shades within this of thickness ranging from 10-22mm – there will be a floor for every price range and taste in this collection.

In terms of patterns, herringbone is the most popular style, presenting as a staggered zig zag appearance that adds sophistication and style to a home. Chevron is similar, but these zig zags meet in the middle to form an arrow like pattern that can bring flow to a room. Versailles is another we stock, which forms a square with cross or square patterns within it. This is less popular, but highly versatile and classy.

Please order as many free samples as you like to find which pattern, shade and construction best suits your needs.

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