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Brushed and Lacquered Parquet

On these floors, the brushing will bring out the natural characteristics of the wood - such as knots and grain - by removing new growth, whereas lacquer will provide a protective film that protects the surface from moisture. Brushed and lacquered floors help retain the natural and traditional appearance whilst preventing moisture from causing damage, making the two finishes the perfect combination. With a high-gloss lacquer, the natural look is reduced through maximum shine, whereas a matt lacquer will help the brushed effect be more visible and the overall floor be less shiny - you should order free samples to see which look you like best for the perfect mix of natural and shiny.

Lacquer, also known as the contemporary varnish due to its shiny appearance, differs to oil as it creates a film on the surface instead of seeping into the floor. This helps prevent moisture from penetrating the wood to protect it. A main disadvantage that usually applies to lacquer is that when one part of a floor has to be re-lacquered, the entire floor needs to be treated again after sanding. However, with parquet blocks, this is not necessary. As they are separate, it is possible to only re-sand and refinish the blocks required, making the finish a cheaper long term option than non-parquet equivalents.

The glossier a lacquer is, the more spacious it will make a room appear due to the reflective effect. This makes it useful in small rooms, or if you wish for coloured decor to be more powerful in a room. The shine also helps create a positive atmosphere in your home by reflecting natural light, but take note that it will reduce the natural look despite the brushing allowing more natural blemishes to come through.

The shine of lacquer makes it easier to clean, meaning there is no need for hours of scrubbing - this is true also for parquet, which can be removed block by block to deep clean more difficult stains easily. They can also be removed easily upon any damage, although this is hard to cause with a protective lacquer. As a result, we recommend these floors in high traffic areas - parquet can distribute weight more evenly for this too.

Although more resistant to spillages, lacquer does not make a floor 100% waterproof. For this reason, we suggest reading our maintenance guide found on each product page under the installation tab for instructions on how to best look after your floor. Clean up spillages as soon as they occur.

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