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Brushed & Oiled Parquet

For a protective layer without the perfect smooth film or a lacquer, try a brushed and oiled floor. The brushing will bring out the natural characteristics of the wood, whereas oil will provide a protective layer that seeps within the wood, protecting it inside as well as on the surface. This Oiling helps the wood keep its texture, meaning it is much more natural seeming than lacquer, and without the shine.

Brushed and oiled floors help a floor’s knots and grain come through much more as the new growth is removed in the brushing process. They keep a traditional appearance whilst preventing moisture from causing damage, making the two finishes the perfect combination. Invisible oiled varieties even moreso enhance the natural look, as the oil cannot be noticed at all - if you want an unfinished appearance, try a free sample of this variety.

Over time, the oil may wear away, but this is easily fixed with a re-oiling, and no sanding is required to do this. That being said, if you do sand your floor, be sure to re-oil it afterwards. This is easier done on parquet, which can be removed for cleaning, replacement or re-oiling in a way that is much easier and more convenient.

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