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Oiled Parquet Flooring

If you desire a natural and rustic look on your floor but with added protection, oiled is the way to go. This provides the same protection as lacquer, but instead of creating a film on the surface it seeps into the wood to protect both the surface and deep within the wood from moisture. It is also not shiny as a lacquer is and is therefore useful for those wanting a natural or farmhouse look.

An oiled floor can look more rustic, warm, homely and traditional. This is because it appears to be natural and authentic, which is ideal if you prefer the traditional look. Unlike unfinished floors, oiled floors can be used in high footfall homes with pets. If a textured floor is chosen, scratches will only add to the rustic look and create an even better texture over time.

On parquet flooring that already looks traditional and rustic, the oiled finish will look more complimentary than a lacquer for protection. If you want a more modern look with a classic twist however, a lacquer may be best. Use oiled parquet flooring amongst other traditional decor, like fireplaces and fine art. The oiled look also makes the parquet look authentically vintage as original parquet flooring would have been in the 17th century due to the oils limited visibility. This is especially true as oiling helps retain any texture on the floor, making it feel more natural underfoot.

The added texture through this finish also helps add grip to the surface, making it more versatile for rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms where spillages are common, or for those with children whose safety you are concerned about. If spillages and footfall cause damage, parquet allows for easy removal of individual blocks, meaning an entire floor does not need to be replaced or refinished if any disasters occur.

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