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Smoked Parquet Flooring

Smoking is a process of colouring a floor. It began in the early 20th century when people discovered ammonia rising form horse urine darkened the top of the stables. Ammonia is still used via more hygienic modern methods, darkening the wood to various points depending how long the wood is exposed to the ammonia. The darker the wood becomes the longer it is left, due to tannins in the wood have more chance to rise to the surface. These tannins cause the colour change, and therefore the finish runs all the way through the wood and remains after sanding.

Some tannins are deep in the wood and others closer to the surface, meaning they are summoned at different rates. This means every floor, despite being smoked in the same way, will be unique. Each one will give your room a lovely warm hue, and help achieve a homely feel in your home. This is enhanced by the parquet, which is traditional and would have been used when the smoking method was first discovered. A darker parquet is much more vintage than lighter shades, helping you create an authentic vintage atmosphere.

Practically, smoked flooring can hide dirt in busy households, whereas parquet can be easily removed for replacement upon damage or if deeper cleaning is required. This makes it convenient in homes with children, pets, or high footfall. As tannins are throughout the wood, the smoked look can also last after sanding and wear and tear, meaning these floors are excellent value for money.

Some smoked floors are also oiled with white oil for example to create a unique mysterious look. Others have lacquer applied or invisible oil - there are a variety of options for any home, helping create your own personalised look that is both functional and timelessly attractive.

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