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Chevron Flooring

Chevron is a more aligned version of herringbone, appearing as an arrow like V shaped pattern. The style originated in France in the 16th century amongst the rich and elite residents, and these connotations of luxury still remain. There are many benefits that come with this style of flooring, and we recommend it in any home that values style.

Chevron is viewed as being sophisticated and elegant, thanks to its associations with wealthy French residents who originally installed these floors. It would therefore suit décor like fireplace, bookshelves, fine art or minimalistic themes. This is true whether you opt for a wood coloured natural option, or a more modern whitewashed alternative, which allows you to incorporate classic and modern elements in the same room.

If you are looking to make a specific piece of furniture a feature piece in the room, chevron is ideal for this. It's arrow effect can create flow in a room that leads towards an end point, such as a couch, doorway, or antique table you wish to show off. This arrow effect also creates an optical illusion that makes a room appear longer and therefore more luxurious. This is useful in smaller rooms, particularly in light colours like light brown or white which open a room up and appear more spacious.

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