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Grey Parquet Flooring

Grey is perfect for creating a elegant, sophisticated and modern look in any home. Because it is neutral in shade, it can easily compliment any other tone, meaning no matter what current decor you have, or if you plan on redecorating in future, there is no risk of mismatching. Grey can also balance out rooms, making light rooms look darker, and dark rooms look lighter. This makes it highly versatile, and in parquet blocks, the sophistication provided is even more evident.

Parquet is a great choice for making your home look more classy, as well as more practical. This is because any damage can be easily removed by simply replacing individual blocks rather than anding the entire floor and refinishing it, saving you time, money and resources. Patterns such as herringbone and chevron can help alter the dimensions of a room, extending it to appear longer or larger - perfect for smaller rooms. Size is affected by the shade too - dark grey make rooms appear smaller and more welcoming, and light greys help open up a space. They may also help accentuate certain features, if for example chevrons lead towards a favourite chair or bookcase. You will have great control over your room with grey parquet.

Overall, grey simply adds to the beauty of your home. It can help bold colours pop a lot more to make a statement, or instead be used with other neutrals for a minimal look. It is the perfect risk-free investment thanks to its versatility, meaning there are no limitations in your home decor choices. In addition, using grey floors in every room will help create a seamless look, yet each room will still have its own character due to using different coloured accessories and decor in each one.

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