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Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone is a type of pattern that is styled with a staggered zig zag appearance. There are many styles and species available within this pattern with different connotations, and solid and engineered wood are both available with different benefits.

In a darker style, herringbone is more reminiscent of older homes or vintage style, so should be used in homes that attempt to replicate this or want to appear homely, warm and cosy. Lighter shades are much more modern, and can improve a rooms atmosphere by making it appear lighter, larger and more welcoming. Coloured shades like black or white can add a unique twist that stands out and creates a colour scheme in your room such as monochrome.

Herringbone was the first parquet pattern, beginning in the 17th century amongst the rich and elite. It has since resurged many times over the centuries, but keeps its traditional associations of luxury, class and style. With other luxurious decor, this effect can be enhanced, and really improve the atmosphere of a room, impressing any guest who sets foot in the room.

Herringbone is available is single, double or triple patterns, and blocks can be ordered how you like depending on taste. This allows for better personalisation, creativity and a fun DIY project. For a unique floor that appeals to your personal taste and needs, try a herringbone parquet option.

Many confuse herringbone with chevron, but the difference is in how the blocks meet. They are placed alternate in pattern instead of aligned, which you can see by looking at product pictures of both of these designs. Please order free samples to see which style you like best.

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