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Parquet Laminate Flooring

Solid and engineered parquet are often inferior to the laminate alternative. They can be hard to clean, not have enough options for your taste, and wood is more likely to become damaged with moisture, humidity or heat. For this reason, laminate is a much better alternative in many homes. Not to mention the more affordable price, you can achieve that timeless and elegant look in your home with ease.

Laminate has evolved over time to look identical to the material it aims to replicate thanks to advancements in technology. This means you can achieve the look for a fraction of the price, as well as reap the practical benefits such as resistance to water. It should be noted, laminate is not entirely waterproof however - the plywood layers that support the top layer can become damaged. This is why you should always use an underlay with a damp proof membrane (DPM) installed, which you can find in our accessories section, acclimatise the product for 48 hours minimum, and get a professional fitter to lay the flooring tightly and with adhesive. This reduces cracks between planks. You should also clean spillages as soon as they occur.

As aforementioned, it is easy to replicate real materials with laminate. This is why you will find softwood options, or oak, merbau, walnut, acacia options that are hard to find or expensive as authentic options. It is also easier for us to then provide more varied shades and sizes which normally are harder to achieve with authentic wood parquet due to durability issues, so browse below to find a variety of options.

Laminate parquet is practically great for its ease of maintenance - you can simply replace damaged planks. However, as most laminate is scratch and stain resistant, damage is unlikely to occur. Patterns such as herringbone and chevron can help create a flow in a room, accentuating furniture through this and helping rooms appear larger and longer. Also check out our basketweave and versailles options more a ore unique parquet look.

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