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Prime Grade Parquet Flooring

Prime or AB grade flooring is that that has minimal imperfections, such as knots, cracks, visible grain, mineral stains, colour variation or other natural imperfections. Blocks are specifically chosen for their look during the manufacturing process – the most streamlined and uniform ones that do not draw attention will make up your prime floor.

Prime parquet flooring is useful if you would like a natural product without the look of one. For example, you may enjoy the feel of the texture underfoot, the value it adds to your home, or the durability and longevity. Out of all the natural products, it is easiest to achieve the prime look on parquet as these blocks are smaller and therefore it is easier to cut out imperfections.

Prime flooring is the most pure in grade, and is the exact opposite of rustic. This pureness can allow other features in the room to be focused on instead of the floor, such as the décor in the room or a specific piece of furniture. The absence of imperfections also creates a modern, clean and tidy look in a home, which can put people at ease by creating a greater sense of hygiene.

A consistent uniform look is essential for creating a chic, contemporary look. If you feel prime grade is a bit too pure for your liking however, try a select or character grade floor instead. These perfectly combine rustic and prime with the right amount of rawness and randomness.

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