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Versailles Flooring

Versailles gives something different yet luxurious to your home. It involves individual blocks arranged into a square shaped pattern, with diamond, triangular and diagonal patterns inside this – the longer you look, the more intracies you will spot. Each versailles floor is different in pattern, and its vintage appearance catches your eye with its unusual and striking beauty that isn't commonly seen in parquet flooring.

It was first used in the Château de Versailles in the 17th century, and carries the same luxurious connotations to this day. After its original use, versailles pattern was then used in large mansions and palaces, but these days the style is affordable to anybody. The classy and vintage look can be incorporated into any home due to the different shades, species and constructions available, with whichever you decide on creating a sophisticated atmosphere.

Given the atmosphere it creates, we recommend versailles parquet flooring with other vintage or high class items, such as bookshelves, fine art, fireplaces, antiques or extravagant décor. Modern décor can also incorporate versailles flooring, particularly if a white or black shade are used – these colours can also create a monochrome theme or match any coloured décor you desire thanks to their neutrality.

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