Merbau Parquet

Merbau is a rich orangey-brown rustic wood that contains lots of natural colour variation that helps create character a a warm, homely atmosphere. When installed as a parquet floor, merbau is even more rustic due to the vintage associations with parquet flooring, how the colour variation suits the pattern, as well as being stylish and practical in a variety of ways.

Parquet is useful for easy removal for replacement upon damage, or if deeper cleaning is required. This makes it convenient in homes with children, pets, or high footfall, as well as the fact weight is distributed better among the small individual blocks. Parquet is mostly a stylistic choice with merbau flooring though, due to both having an old fashioned appearance. The colour variation means one parquet block could be light, and the next dark, creating a less uniform floor that looks as though it has been laid a long time ago. In addition, when laid yourself, the blocks allow you to create a colour pattern or randomness that looks better to you. This personalisation makes a house a home. Finally, this floor can hide dirt well due to the rustic effect and shades.

An advantage of merbau is its ability to withstand humidity better than other species, making it superior to some other solid and engineered floors. It’s ribbon figuring also hides scratches and other damage too, making merbau suitable for many environments in the home without being at risk of losing its beauty.

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