Solid & Engineered Walnut Parquet

Walnut is a rich and dark wood species that is considered elegant. It is often used in traditional style homes, as is parquet, making them the perfect combination for your home. The dark hue of walnut with the stylish parquet pattern will add a homely, cosy and warm feel to your home that is timeless and luxurious amongst bold coloured or monochrome decor.

You can create a modern or traditional look with walnut parquet depending on which decor is used, meaning it is versatile enough for most homes. Practically, parquet is useful for easy removal for replacement upon damage, or if deeper cleaning is required. This makes it convenient in homes with children, pets, or medium footfall as well, in addition to the fact weight is distributed better among the small individual blocks. Walnut is a softer wood however, so ensure footfall isn’t too high if you want longevity - or instead try a laminate option.

Walnut has a straight grain pattern that comes in two or three starkly different shades per block. However with parquet, there are more uniform options available due to the ability of manufacturers to cut blocks in a way that gets rid of contrasting shades. Some however don’t do this, making your floor better able to be personalised upon self-installation. The differing shades of grain can add character to your home, and ensures no two floors will be the same.

Due to walnut’s reputation, it will add value to home, increasing house prices if you decide to sell in future. If you don’t want to sell, walnut will still remain a welcoming and familiar fixture in your home throughout any changes in decor.

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