Staki Wood Flooring

Staki is a manufacturer based in Lithuania, known for their high quality products using the latest manufacturing methods and wood technology. The planks are made by binding birch plywood layers and topping them with oak hardwood.

We stock a variety of Staki products in 180mm and 220mm lengths. The 180mm varieties are 15mm thick and have a 4mm wear layer, whereas the 220mm floors are 20mm thick with a 6mm wear layer.

Staki was founded in 1997 from parent company Plankmara, who began manufacturing wood a year earlier. With these years of experience, Staki have managed to create engineered flooring that is more durable than any solid wood equivalent. The boards, like any engineered planks, can also withstand changes in temperature, moisture and humidity without warping as solid wood would. this makes them suitable for a greater variety of rooms that solid wood flooring.

All Staki products are rustic in grade, meaning knots, cracks, mineral staining and colour variation is present, and no two planks are the same. This allows a more natural look that creates a homely and welcoming atmosphere. Many different finishes and shades are available, so please see the range today and order as many free samples as you need to.

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