Rugs have many aesthetic and practical benefits in a home. They can be used in any room to make it appear more homely and warm, and all types of flooring floors well. Depending on the size, furniture and decor in the room however, the placements, size, shape and colour of a rug needs to be considered to have the best effect. At Luxury Flooring, we stock a variety of rugs in shaggy, modern and traditional varieties in every design you can think of - if you have just bought some flooring for us and wish to accessorise it, take a look at our range below!

Rugs help tie a room together and make a house a home. Style is highly important however, particularly in terms of colour. You should always consider which colours go best with your flooring, walls, furniture and other decor in the room. Do you have a colour scheme like monochrome? Or wish to lighten or darken a room? Or accent identical colours to better connect everything in the room? There are different colours with different properties for each use. Colours generally should match those that are secondary in the room, such as in couches or ornaments. Neutral colours go with any colour decor, and won’t really affect the current look in the room aside from tying it together better. Shade is important for neutral tones though, as well as any other colour - darker hues make a room appear more sophisticated, warm, relaxing and small. Lighter colours on the other hand make a room appear more spacious and positive, especially in rooms with plenty of natural light. It is also advised to offset rooms that are too light or dark with a rug that is the opposite - this will avoid making a room appear too large or too small, and keep the balance correct.

Shaggy rugs are best for those wanting a thick pile with a luxurious warm feel underfoot, and mostly have a simple one colour design rather than patterns of multiple colours. Traditional rugs are replicas of antique rugs and stunning Moroccan and Persian designs, from distressed to pristine. Modern rugs are highly varied, and mostly have patterns and designs rather than being plain. These patterns can improve a plain room, but make a room overcrowded if you are not too careful. It all depends on your taste and what will suit your room - we recommend looking at all possible options before making a decision.

Rugs are practical in more ways that people would expect. Firstly, they help make a space appear less empty, which is ideal in large or open plan rooms that you wish to look more homely. They can also help a furniture grouping - such as sofas, chairs and coffee tables - look more connected, creating a specific area for socialising for example.

Rugs can be used as area rugs too, especially in smaller rooms, creating a border consisting of the flooring underneath, which practically has its benefits. Firstly, it can warm up a room all over, helping you save on energy bills, and it can also make the room soft and comfortable underfoot. This is true for smaller rugs too, making them ideal for those wishing to save money or create a homely and relaxing atmosphere in a living room or bedroom.

Thicker rugs can be warmer, but need to be used in the right environment, as high footfall or furniture can damage the pile. Thinner varieties may be used in you prefer the stylistic benefits over the practical ones, as not as much warm is produced. These also work better in higher footfall spaces, and are easier to clean as the pile collects less dirt.

Rug shape tends to be square or oblong, but less classic round varieties and hall runners can be found in our collection. Hall runners fit in a hallway, helping collect dirt and reduce damage of footfall to the flooring underneath. Round rugs can help accentuate pieces of furniture they are placed underneath, create a play area for children, or create a centre to a small room that is quite empty. Most commonly, they are used underneath kitchen tables to define the space for family time.

No matter what your taste is or how you will use it, there is a rug for you at Luxury Flooring! Please browse our range below and take advantage of our price match promise - we will beat any cheaper deal!

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