Beige Rugs

Beige is not a tone to be considered plain. It works wonders in lifeless, cold or overcrowded rooms by warming them, making them more homely and calm, and adding a blank canvas on which a colour scheme can be built around. They also subtly add texture and depth to an otherwise plain room without making it too bold and eye-catching.

Building colour schemes around a beige rug is possible due to the fact it is a neutral colour. This means it can easily suit any decor without looking out of place, and in fact helps accentuate the colours in such objects. Although cream, brown and more beige can compliment the rug without standing out, bolder colours can draw attention to themselves with the help of the plain characteristics of beige. This means any items you wish to draw attention to will do well in a room with a beige rug. Neutral colours are also convenient and great value for money in case you ever wish to redecorate in future - you will have greater creativity in terms of choosing furniture of wallpaper for example.

Beige can come in a variety of shades, from light almost white shades to sandy colours and darker tan hues. The darker the shade, the warmer the room will seem. Whatever the shade, try to avoid using too much white as this may make the rug unattractively stand out, and although dark browns, blacks and blues look excellent with beige rugs, avoid decorating an entire room with these and one beige rug, which will again stand out too much.

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