Black Rugs

Black is a versatile classic that is loved by many and can create many different looks and atmospheres in the home. It has many practical benefits too, and should be considered by anybody looking to improve their home’s sophistication, no matter what decor is currently being used or will be used in the future.

Practically, black is useful for those homes that have high footfall, children, pets or in spaces where people wear shoes. Black hides dirt better than any other colour, so will help in such circumstances or if you can’t clean as often as you would like. Stylistically, black can create a bold statement as it is perceived as a daring colour when in its richest form. Even with slightly lighter shades, elegance and sophistication are created. If you are tired of the colourful and pastel tones that are common in many homes today - particularly in rugs - our black options let you create a cool, timeless look that is adored by many. Against a lighter floor, black rugs create a striking and eye-catching effect, whereas against darker varieties, they compliment and protect the flooring without being the centre of attention.

Black is often used in monochrome themes alongside white to step far away from the traditional, but it can be matched harmoniously with any other colour too thanks to its neutrality. Black with green, red, gold or blue for example can be seamless and stylish, with such colours showcasing your personality and tastes very well. Neutral colours are good as they allow you greater freedom in terms of colour scheme in the room - nothing will look out of place next to a black rug, which also gives you great value for money. It is important to not attract negative attention to a black rug however; a black rug amongst all black walls, flooring and decor can increase the darkness and therefore smallness of a room dramatically, which isn’t good in an already undersized room.

If you desperately want to incorporate black into your room without making a room appear too dark or small, try using a patterned rug. A pattern or design that includes light colours can look attractive, or use other neutrals like grey, beige and brown to keep it dark but toned down a level. Colours like red or green aid modern aesthetics, and help use a softer palette that avoids plain looks. Rooms with lots of natural light that use black will appear more homely and as if they are making a statement, whereas darker rooms will make the black rug appear more mysterious and sophisticated. Black is clearly a versatile option, and should be considered for your home.

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