Blue Rugs

Blue comes in many different shades, and as a result can create many different looks and atmospheres. This makes it ideal for any home. Typically, regardless of shade, blue creates an energetic and happy atmosphere in a room that otherwise lacks this. Its natural colour creates images of the sea and sky, and recreates the associated relaxing aesthetic in your own home.

If you wish to light up your home for a less dull appearance, blue is ideal. On wood flooring especially, it isn’t so bold that is districts people and takes all the attention, but at the same time doesn’t just blend into the background quietly - it has a subconscious effect. In neutrally coloured spaces such as brown or white themed rooms, blue can especially increase attractiveness and bring a room to life. In particular, they make lovely additions to lounges and living rooms as their relaxing tone helps heighten calmness.

The shade of blue you choose makes a difference to the feel created however. Darker navys or royal blues are luxurious and warm, despite being a typically cool colour. These look best amongst white, black or dark wood. Lighter blues are positive and airy, making a room appear larger and more welcoming - these best go with white, beige and sandy colours. With cream or wood colours, warmth can be applied to the usually cold feeling lighter tones too.

Blue works well in bathrooms, lavatories and kitchens especially well. Consider the size of a blue rug and accompanying decor to best fit them into your home.

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