Brown Rugs

If you wish to incorporate a warm, neutral and homely tone into your home, brown is ideal. Wrongly thought of as a bland tone, brown rugs are stunningly rich and add depth and style to any room. They are also neutral, meaning they can easily suit any decor or colour scheme in a room, and are available in a variety of shades for every taste or atmosphere you wish to create.

Darker browns are more inviting, luxurious, cosy and homely than lighter ones. They also hide dirt better than the majority of other colours, if not all colours, meaning high footfall homes will benefit greatly. Lighter browns are slightly less relaxing in tone, making them better for kitchens for example where you require neutral style without the winding down effect. Although different shades of brown work well together, the neutrality of brown enables it to be used alongside literally any colour without looking out of place. This makes it the perfect blank canvas in which you can build colour schemes around. This will help save money in the long run if you ever wish to re-ecroate or move house.

In fact, ornaments are furniture of different colours are accentuated by the low-key tone of brown. The most iconic colours to pair with brown are other neutral shades like beige and cream, and this can be achieved in patterned rugs rather than a fully brown rug. Pairing lighter colours with brown will prevent a room becoming too dark and small looking, which is helpful if your room is small already.

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