Cream Rugs

Cream is perfect for calming a room that is too colourful, patterned or crowded. It can also lighten a dark room without making it appear cold as a white alternative would, and make a small room appear more spacious and welcoming. A warm yet light colour is hard to come across, so cream is a perfect medium for both effects.

Cream works in harmony with any other colour as it is neutral, so any setting will be suitable to place it in. Building colour schemes is easy with neutral colours, as they act as a black canvas that serves to accentuate the other colours in the room and divert attention away from itself. Neutral colours are also convenient and great value for money in case you ever wish to redecorate in future - you will have greater creativity in terms of choosing fitting furniture of wallpaper for example.

Worried cream is too plain? Why not try incorporating it into a patterned rug? A lighter tone like cream can be injected into a dark room, or allow you to still match the rug with green or red for example - you don’t have to just choose one block colour. This is advised in homes where shoes are worn, or there is mess and dirt from pets, children or high footfall - cream will show this up more alone than in a pattern.

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