Green Rugs

Green adds a pop of colour to your home, and stands out well enough to make a great centrepiece in any room. In particular, it suits social spaces, living rooms and kitchens due to its vibrancy and associations with health and nature that can have a positive mood enhancing effect and bring life to those in the room. Green rugs are calm, peaceful and stylish in any shade and suit a wide variety of decors.

Although it can be used in dark rooms to add vibrancy amongst dark tones such as walnut floors and contrasting white furniture, it can also be used in lighter rooms. Rooms with plenty of natural light with make a green look more representative of nature, particularly if combined with light wooden tones, cream and brown decor, and plants - this will also make the rug make less of a statement and rather blend in to add colour more subtly. Terracotta with green creates a wonderful exotic atmosphere in a home too, demonstrating the versatility and long term value you can get out of a green rug.

There are also various tones of green to suit different tones of themes. Light greens are more fresh, natural, crisp and can be more vibrant. With natural and neutral colours elsewhere in the room, a more subtle and natural effect is achieved that makes a room lighter, more positive and more spacious, whereas combined with the vibrant red or pink, a much more daring side of your personality is revealed. Rich, dark green rugs best suit dark flooring and monochrome decor elsewhere in the space. This will add an elegant and traditional look with a modern twist, as well as being able to hide dirt better than other shades. Greens with yellow undertones go well with mustard accent accessories as they make a room brighter and happier. Whichever you choose, you can be sure the colour will be unique, lively and interesting enough for your home.

If green as a single tone is too much, try our patterned green rugs. These can blend colours to better accent other tones in the room, and combine different moods associated with each colour used within the rug. Many of our patterned green rugs stick to the natural theme, using beige, brown and black to represent a forest theme that is perfect for any city home when you miss the natural outside world! For a deeper and textured look, try a shaggy rug. This can simulate grass to create an even stronger natural look to achieve that theme.

Whatever tone you choose, you can rest assured that our rugs are the best value on the market, and durable, wear resistant and cosy enough for any home!

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