Grey Rugs

Grey is a timeless classic. Thanks to its resurgence in popularity in recent years, it is currently seen as a modern and chic tone - particularly on wood or wood effect floors. Take a look through our many different shades and take advantage of the stylistic and practical benefits.

Grey is light enough to avoid making a room seem dull, small and uninviting, yet dark enough to hide dirt and make a room appear sophisticated. Its ability to hide dirt makes it ideal in high footfall homes or those that have children, pets or where shoes are worn and may make a mess. If you can’t clean up as often as you would like but often expect guests, grey is highly practical here too.

In terms of shade, a darker shade can help reduce the intimidating size of a large and light room, whereas light grey shades allow you to incorporate a shade that is dark in comparison to other colours but still light enough to avoid making the room appear smaller. Any grey looks best on wood as wood is neutral in colour and they naturally suit due to this. Neutral colours can suit any other colour decor well too without causing one another to look out of place, which saves you money and gives more creativity to those who like to decorate often or are planning to move house.

For something different and more colourful if you are afraid grey will make a room dull, we stock grey rugs with green, blue and purple undertones - this lets you accent with those colours too in a subtle yet attractive way. Incorporating grey into patterns helps achieve the look of grey without it being to overwhelming as well - see our patterned rugs and variety of designs to see what your options are.

Ultimately, the versatile shade of grey helps marry together different tones in a room, and makes a space more balanced, practical and homely.

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