Multicoloured Rugs

If you can’t decide on a rug colour, why not have all of them? A multicoloured rug fills a room with personality, positivity and vibrancy, and is perfect if you looking to create a modern look, make an eye-catching statement or simply add character and style to your home. There are not only the classic bold and daring rainbow coloured pieces, but less energetic multi-tonal patterns that allow you to easily create a whole design palette with just one furnishing. See our options below to find out which is the most eye-catching to you.

Multicoloured rugs are highly popular for their ability to create complimentary accent colours that tie a room together well, help a rug fit in, and give you greater options for colour schemes in a room. Generally, they make a statement, and aim to be the centre of attention rather than just a fixture to fill empty space. For this reason, their personality reflects on you, and they are dramatic, eye catching and memorable to anyone who sets foot in the room. Multicoloured rugs are ultimately a breath of fresh air when used in the correct setting, but should be considered carefully in relation to location.

Multicoloured doesn’t have to mean novelty. In living rooms, a more traditional rug with multiple colours will stand out in design, but not appear as vibrant as other more modern options. This is the same case with muted, pastel, neutral or natural tones, which can create a soothing and elegant look in a room. Floral patterns are popular on multicoloured rugs, and help create a theme in a room and accent colours really well. In children’s rooms however, more narrative and cartoon like designs can be used to help the imagination of your child during play, and stimulate creativity. They can be comforting and fun, creating a positive atmosphere which your child will enjoy being in, as well as having practical benefits - dirt and scuffs harder to be seen, meaning you will get long term value for money out of these rugs.

In terms of other colours in the room, multicoloured modern rugs often work best in neutral spaces. If you have white, beige or brown walls for example, there will be fun and vibrancy injected without causing an overcrowded or jarring look. Colours that are used in the rug can be used elsewhere in the room to better tie everything together also, but ensure not everything in the room is patterned to avoid overcrowding, particularly in smaller rooms. For an artistic look, try abstract multicoloured rugs amongst minimal or monochrome themes and art pieces. If you opt for a multicoloured traditional rug, darker tones are recommended for a warmer and cosier feel that traditional rugs already naturally encapsulate. Shaggy rugs often won’t be multicoloured, as colours in a design or pattern can wash each other out and look low quality.

Overall, a multicoloured rug will allow you to better combine tones with different connotations with minimal effort. If you are after versatility and prefer a less plain room, see our options below to find which works best for you.

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