Orange Rugs

An orange rug creates many different atmospheres and looks depending on the shade. Generally, orange is unique, interesting, vibrant and warm. A daring and bold choice, more people are opting for orange to add an eye catching splash of colour to their home, and showcase the fun and exciting side of their personality. See our many different shades to see for yourself how orange can say many things.

In more terracotta shades, there is a feel of sun holidays, ancient towns, the Mediterranean, and Spanish villas, in terms of the warmth and excitement but also the contrasting sunsets and relaxation. This all depends on the amount of the light in the room, meaning by day and by night different moods are created. In a more natural, dark, almost brown coloured orange, you will get the look of autumn or country cottages, allowing you to capture the cosy and warm feeling of sitting by a fireplace while the wind whistles outside. This works especially well with natural tones such as brown as well as wooden furniture for a rustic look. Bright oranges are much more vibrant and exciting, perfect if you have children or have other loud and bold tones, or instead a minimalistic monochrome theme that requires an artistic and statement making splash of colour. The versatility of orange is clear, which is why there are different tones suited better for different settings.

When placing a large, bright orange rug centrally in a room, the brightness will cause a space to look larger, and looks especially good if the rest of the room is pale. Alternatively, rooms such as hallways with limited natural light can be given much needed colour that helps a room look brighter, more positive and larger too. Kitchens compliment any shade of orange best with copper, dark wood tones and tiles. Rustic and open plan rooms suit muted, dark oranges best, whereas bright orange rugs are best loved in children’s rooms. This is due to their boldness which can stimulate a child’s mind and represents fun and happiness, in addition to being gender neutral for your convenience. In shaggy varieties, this is enhanced further, and creates a fun and comforting feeling underfoot which is perfect for your little ones. Shaggy rugs are also popular in dark varieties, to enhance the richness and depth further.

Clearly, orange is highly versatile, so whether you desire soothing and summery, vibrant and exiting or neutral, exotic and calming, we have a rug for you here!

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