Pink Rugs

Pink is a colour that is far from traditional. It can make a room appear more whimsical, light and airy in lighter shades, or dramatic, fun and statement making in darker varieties. Depending on the shade chosen, different spaces will be given different atmospheres.

Darker pinks are daring, intriguing and memorable. They are often used with other dark pinks in the room, as the strength of this colour means it requires accenting to fit in better. It is ideal for big personalities and goes well in bedrooms. Lighter shades help create a whimsical and light look that helps rooms appear larger. This is perfect in small rooms, or in children’s rooms which require a more relaxing yet still colourful feel rather than something intense.

Pink works best with similar tones, like more pink, purple, or even blue and grey. It is easy to create various looks therefore and make a pink rug versatile for many rooms. For more formal looks, try toning the pink down with dull and neutral colours, or using a lighter pink to begin with. For creating more of a sense of interest, darker and bolder tones are best.

Without fully committing to pink, you may use patterned rugs to achieve the shade and help accent ornaments for example without making the colour too prominent. Rug type also has an effect - the shaggier and longer the pile, the more attention grabbing and deep the rug appears!

Overall, pink is lively and youthful, adding a splash of colour and fun wherever it goes.

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