Purple Rugs

Purple gives you the perfect opportunity to create luxury in a room. It is a versatile colour that can appear modern, strong and statement making; vintage and elegant; or calming and light. This is due to the variety of shades available, but whichever you choose, an exciting pop of colour is guaranteed, which helps you work with accent colours on accessories and other decor in the room.

A stylish tone, purple is usually chosen by those who like to be the centre of attention. It gives rooms a unique and eye-catching twist due to its vibrancy and intriguing stand-out character. Its depth allows it to pop less than colours such as red, meaning it will not overwhelm or draw attention away from the rest of the room, yet provide the same colourful effect. This depth also helps open up smaller rooms, making them appear larger yet still warm. The elite of the past - including Queen Elizabeth I - used purple rugs in their homes as they were attractive but expensive to produce, and the regal and luxurious associations still remain in the mind’s of everybody who sees them. Purple can appear more of a fun colour instead however, depending on other decor in the room.

If you are concerned about purple’s intensity, see our patterned rugs that will allow you to inject a subtle hint of purple amongst a plainer design rather than overwhelming your floor. Type of rug is also important - shaggy rugs will provide more depth that will intensify the boldness and may or may not be to your taste. Darker and deeper regal or wine-like shades work better in bedrooms than lounges in most opinions thanks to their cosy, mature and stylish look, but as these hide dirt well, they are helpful in other environments too. Lighter colours are ideal in spaces with plenty of natural light, in small rooms that need to appear larger, or in a child’s room where a calming and comforting colour is required.

The versatility of purple rugs is apparent in their ability to also suit almost any other colour depending on the shade - from black and white to blue and green, your decor will most likely facilitate one of these attractive rugs.

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