Red Rugs

Red is dramatic and bold with many connotations, but with the similarity that no matter the shade, accompanying decor or rug type, warmth and style will be inevitably added to your home. Although not a neutral shade, it can suit many various other colours, in particular grey, black and white.

The brightness of red helps prevent a room seeming plain, dull and colourless, and instead encourages a welcoming and appealing atmosphere. It is eye catching and statement making in most cases, but in different environments, red has different effects. In children’s rooms or playrooms, red can stimulate the mind and increase playfulness and fun. In bedrooms however, there is more romantic and relaxing effect created. Living rooms instead achieve a homely look, showcasing the versatility of the colour.

If you fear red is too vibrant or bold for your home, try including it in a pattern with other colours to tone it down a bit, or instead try a lighter variety of the colour if you prefer a block colour or are decorating a crowded room where patterns would look bad. Floral designs are common in bedrooms and dining rooms, and are common on traditional rugs. These look formal, classy and regal, again showcasing how versatile the colour is. Red is advised to include somehow in your home for the warm and homely effect it creates, and the way it stands out when accompanied with black or white for example.

Overall, to bring your floor to life and transform a dull room or empty floor space, use a red rug from our varied collection.

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