Turquoise Rugs

Turquoise perfectly combines blue and green to give a surprisingly warm and exciting splash of colour to your home. It has an ability to match a wide variety of decors, meaning you have an opportunity to work with many accent colours alongside the vibrant and stylish tone. It works in a way that is similar to neutral tones, yet instead adds much more colour and depth, Contrastingly, turquoise is light enough to open up a room, yet can stand out and be a centrepiece depending on how it is used.

Turquoise is one of those rare colours that creates a calming effect without being colourless and neutral. Although blue tones are commonly seen as cool, turquoise’s use of green allows it to appear warm and summery. This is because it is inspired by the ocean and waves on the shore that many naturally associate with long hot summers relaxing on the beach. Turquoise brings this aesthetic into your home to create a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere, but if this is too overwhelming as a single shade, it can be combined with other tones in a patterned rug.

The deep and velvety turquoise combines well with bright white to again appear like crashing waves, and others use a distressed look to quieten down the colour for less bold decors. White and grey look perfect with turquoise, and work well when the colour is scarce too, as it adds refreshing flashes amongst the neutral tones - this is ideal for homes that wish to remain neutral with just a small splash of exciting and eye-catching colour. In terms of accessories and ornaments, the aforementioned look would suit elegant, stylish and modern items, and sharp, minimalist furnishings with defined lines. Copper and metallic colours also go really well with turquoise due to the contrast created; clearly there is a different colour combination and shade depth for everyone.

This colour works well in lounges and bedrooms due to its ability to make people relax and be calm. Bathrooms are an obvious choice for a turquoise rug too, and can help prevent slipping. Any mirrors and ocean themed accessories that are common in bathrooms will highly compliment the turquoise also - see our full range to find which versatile designs suit you best.

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