White Rugs

White makes an excellent blank canvas that you can build around to create any theme or colour scheme you like. White is neutral and so compliments any colour paired with it, with different atmospheres created depending on the colours chosen. Generally, white will help a room appear lighter, more spacious and more positive. It can modernise homes, looks trendy and chic, and is a classic centrepiece or finishing touch that is favoured by many.

One apprehension people have towards white rugs is the fear of dirt or staining - however, simple planning can avoid any issues. If you wear no shoes in the home, allow no children or pets in that room, have doormats and regularly clean the floors in each room, white should present no problems. For this reason, white rugs work best in lounges and bedrooms where there is less footfall than elsewhere. Our rugs also work well with vacuums and carpet cleaners, so fear not if you do spot some dirt on your new rug!

On the other hand, there are many stylistic advantages to a white rug. For a minimalistic theme modern white rugs are perfect. Although white rugs can cause a cold aesthetic, when combined with warmer shades such as dark wooden floors, or brown, black, beige and cream decor, this will be balanced out and instead create a lovely homely look. At the same time, it will not detract from the beauty of your other furnishings or decor, and instead perfectly compliment them. If you enjoy the cold aesthetic, you can instead create a monochrome theme that is modern and artistic. For the rug to be eye-catching or the centre of attention in either of these scenarios, you should use a shaggy variety that will add texture, definition and cosiness.

In small rooms or those with lots of natural light, a white rug will help open up a room and make it appear larger, especially when combined with other light decor. In rooms with little natural light, white can also prevent a dark look from taking over. White appears in many of our patterned rugs if you don’t want the effect or look of white to be too prominent, so feel free to browse those options too, or instead our warmer cream rugs.

Whether you desire a modern Hygge Scandinavian theme, or simply want a plain aesthetic to build around, we have the perfect white rug for you at Luxury Flooring.

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