Yellow Rugs

For a vivid and vibrant look, try a yellow rug. Yellow brings light and positivity into a room without much effort, using warmer tones to help lighten and warm up a plain or dark space. There are many shades of yellow, from sophisticated gold to the more playful bright varieties, creating surprising versatility for every kind of environment.

A playful atmosphere is created by brighter yellows, and encourages energy and activity. In addition, imagination and creativity can be stimulated - all of these qualities make yellow rugs ideal for children's bedrooms, playrooms, or commercial spaces like schools and nurseries. The gender-neutral tone of yellow and ability to cheer up the room's inhabitants further make yellow suitable.

On the other hand, a light pastel tone can be sued in contemporary spaces to create a light and calm feeling with less of an overwhelming look. This delicate appearance works well in conservatories, lounges and other spaces with lots of natural light and other pastel tones. Use whitewashed floors and cream furniture to best compliment this. Mustard is another shade that other decor impacts greatly - use this with greens and purples, and in rooms with less natural light.

Another popular shade is gold. This can be used amongst black or white to create a sophisticated and elegant look, evoking perceptions of prestige and wealth. Use gold also in dark spaces to bring in some warmth.

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