Luxury Rugs

Luxury rugs are the highest quality of rugs available on the market and this quickly becomes apparent when you realise the standard of craftsmanship used to manufacture these products. All of our luxury rugs have a high knot count per inch, which ensures the product is extremely dense and leads to the product being very durable. When a rug is as stable as our luxury rugs, it means that they have a remarkable life span, allowing the rug to become a permanent feature of your home. Furthermore, when a rug has a high density level it is harder for the rug to collect dirt and dust as the fibres are tightly packed together, this means that you will not have to clean your rug as often as some cheaper rugs. Many of our luxury rugs are handwoven using the most advanced and traditional weaving techniques, which just shows how much time and effort goes into making these rugs a luxury item. All of our rugs come in a variety of styles, colours and materials ensuring that we can provide you with your ideal luxury rug.

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