Extra Large Rugs

Extra large rugs can enhance the look of a floor that is old or damaged and needs replacing. They can add colour or patterns to a room whilst covering less attractive aspects of your flooring such as stains or dents. Even on the most attractive flooring, a large rug is useful for providing colour to be accented, warmth, visual depth and texture underfoot. They also allow protection from damage in high traffic areas and prevent dirt from spreading. Extra large rugs facilitate these benefits to a higher degree than any other size rugs. Extra large refers to those that are larger than 170 x 240cm. Any larger than 200 x 300cm is considered XXL, which are also in this section, and normally go up to 300 x 400 cm.

Extra large rugs are used in open plan areas, very large rooms, or retail spaces. They can also be used in smaller rooms as an alternative to carpet, particularly if you are looking to create a border effect around the perimeter of the room. This is ideal if you don’t like your current flooring or wish to hide or prevent damage. Extra large rugs help make more of a statement than smaller ones, in both texture and colour. We would recommend avoiding patterns unless they are small in proportion to the rest of the room, and minimal patterns exist in the visible space. this is because patterns can appear overwhelming and crowd a room so it appears unattractive.

Larger rugs can decorate a plain room without design features by creating a focal point on a neutral floor for example. This also works in commercial spaces such as showrooms and galleries. Carpeted areas with worn down areas can be hidden, but it is important to consider how seamless this will look. On wood flooring, the floor is made more comfortable to walk on, and the colour of the rug can be used to compliment the colour of the floor. try contrasting dark and light shades or using bold colours.

The larger a rug, the more stable it will be due to its heaviness. Ours also have dense pile, meaning they retain less dirt and better handle high footfall. Large rugs can also replicate carpet to allow easier installation yet with the same effect.

As rugs can often come in various sizes, you can create a matching look in different parts of the room or different rooms of the house too. An example is placing a larger rug in the middle of the floor, an extra small one in front of a fireplace, and a small one in front of the doorway - this will help tie the room together well. Most of our rugs are available in multiple sizes per design to help you achieve this.

Please see our wide range of rugs, available in different types, sizes, shapes and colours, and find which would be best for your home.

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