Extra Small Rugs

Extra small rugs can accent colours in the room, or add warmth, depth, texture and style. They can be used in very small rooms, or in front of fireplaces, sinks or baths, or if it comes to it, they can cover up unremovable stains. Doorways and porches that experience large footfall are also uses fro extra small rugs, and we recommend them to help prevent the spreading of dirt and reduce impact on the floor underneath. Extra small refers to rugs that are up to 70 x 140cm.

A common material for rugs this size is sheepskin or wool. It is traditional, natural, hardwearing and extremely long lasting. In fact, these rugs are often passed down through the generations! They have fantastic insulating, fire-resistant, and anti-static properties, but if you prefer a synthetic version that doesn’t involve animal products, try shearling. This looks just the same but isn’t quite the same quality when it comes to functionality.

Extra small rugs are often handmade, meaning they are all unique and may contain characterful imperfections and inconsistencies that help a home appear more homely. Aside from sheepskin, they are available in cotton, silk, nylon or jute for example, and can come in various designs. Examples include patterns replicating the sun, or coloured borders with a jute inner area for better colour accenting.

As rugs can often come in various sizes, you can create a matching look in different parts of the room or different rooms of the house too. You can also use multiple small rugs to do this in a large room that has lots of furniture and prevents you from using larger singular rugs. An example is placing a larger rug in the middle of the floor, an extra small one in front of a fireplace, and a small one in front of the doorway - this will help tie the room together well. Most of our rugs are available in multiple sizes per design to help you achieve this.

Why not think outside the box? Extra small rugs can be hung on walls to make a room more decorative and unique, which is a traditional practice that is now considered an art. Please see our wide range here to find the perfect rug for your floor, or indeed your wall!

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